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Litvin (Kim Ngan) fresh fruit vinegar
I would like to introduce the first line of our products are these fantastic fresh fruit Vinegars that are produced in an area called Luc Ngan in Bac Giang Province, North Vietnam, only 115km from Ha Noi. Litvin (Kim Ngan) is a brilliant producer behind these product. She is only a chemistry teacher whose day job is teaching highschool kids and she spends the rest of her time dedicated to her first product - Lychee Vinegar. By observing farmers wasting tons of fresh harvested lychees every year, she arose an idea to turn these exotic tropical fruits into healthy and delicious vinegar. 

She spent her first three year to refine the recipe of the vinegar. It simply consists fresh lychee meat, brown sugar and organic honey (harvested from lychee orchard bee farm) in the fermentation process. By the time she had the product in its perfect taste, the Vietnam market emerged switching from using traditional rice vinegar to her products as essentially alternative condiments for family consumption.

As Lychee Vinegar hit a success in the market, it did not stop her from inventing her product ranges. By the time she has found more special fruit ingredients such as Green Jujube (a specie of small green apple), Docynia (a specie of apple in the wild) and Apricot, she has exteneded her product range. As in the brochure below, we can provide you detail information of each product produced from unique fresh fruits in the North of Vietnam.