Far East Pearl Group Pty Ltd, the company that owns Pearl Fine Foods, was the dainty appellation of Sai Gon when it was still a French colony – in French, la Perle de l’Extrême-Orient. Sai Gon had such appealing name was because it used to be the capital of finance and entertainment of the whole Indochina between the end of 1800’s and the beginning of 1900’s.

The city was a direct competition of Singapore, one of the United Kingdom’s colonies. Inspired by the city’s fancy appellation and its prior reputable trading hub, Far East Pearl Group Pty Ltd was established in the year of 2015. 

Vietnam is one of the country, that has an endless potential to produce the best products, in the world. Australia has one of the most advanced agriculture industry and they produce great products from farms, fresh everyday. However, there are still missing pieces of exotic tastes therefore we are the bridge which connect the gap between the two cultures. 

At the initial establishment of Pearl Fine Foods, searching and tasting products found in Vietnamese market are a challenging process of sourcing the most suitable products for Australian market. Having a comprehensive 10-year experience within the food & beverage, hospitality industry, we instantaneously approached producers of emerging brands in Vietnam. Familiar with appetite of both cultures, we would believe that the chosen products will provide Australia with variety of choices for their daily consumption. Additionally, we offer products that benefit your health and well-being, which have reduced amount of sugar, fat and salt content per serving.

Pearl Fine Foods chose Vietnam to establish its products sourcing for its incomparable natural resources from fresh produces. Every year, Vietnam produces excessive amount of fruits, with more than 30 different varieties, both tropical (pineapple, mango, passion fruit, lychee, etc.) from Mekong Delta and temperate (raspberry, strawberry, mulberry, etc.) from the Highlands. Vietnam is also the first world producer of Robusta and the second world producer of green coffee beans. The Highlands of Vietnam is also emerging itself into one of the regions of specialty coffee production in the world.

We believe in supporting and encouraging sustainable farming where traceability and authenticity are the keys to premium quality end products. Our commitment is to encourage healthy lifestyle through food and ensuring all products sourced by our company are 100% natural and possess positive health benefits. The quest for natural food and beverage has us committed to work closely with our partnerships on progress towards searching healthier nutritional solution for future generations.